Building Blocks

By Jason Wong

Quick 5 minute reads every Friday in your inbox to wrap up what's going on this week in the DTC space, growth strategies, and my memo as a founder building a beauty brand.

Quick 5 minute reads every Friday in your inbox to wrap up what's going on this week in the DTC space, growth strategies, and my memo as a founder building a beauty brand.

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Our app accounts for 15% of our revenue

Hey, y’all! If you're reading this, I'm on a flight to Miami for the Geek Out conference and hosting my Miami Founder dinner. The Founder dinner has been a hobby of mine for the past year, giving me the opportunity to meet new friends and help everyone grow t…


The Tiktok UGC Creative Playbook

Hope you guys are ending the month on a good note. Today I want to go over the Tiktok creative playbook that I think will change the game for you if you're looking to start building on Tiktok.The number 1 thing you need to understand is that people who go on …


How we grew to 140k on Tiktok

A little over 2 years ago I made the decision to start our Tiktok account for doe. At the time, no brands took it seriously as an acquisition channel. The money on Instagram was too good, and Tiktok just looked like an app filled with pre-teens dancing to mus…


This Book Completely Changed How I Sell

Earlier this month I spent a few weeks in San Diego, Las Vegas, and New York to host dinners with DTC founders. During my flights between the cities, I picked up a book called Pitch Anything by Oren Klaff that totally changed the way I’m approaching how to pi…


We're increasing doe's LTV by 24% with new product launch

This afternoon I got off a call with one of the largest IP license holder in Asia for a collaboration on an upcoming new product category we're launching at doe. It's a brand defining moment for us. For a tiny brand that we've built with $500 to collaborating…


Having better 1 on 1 changed my business

For years, my biggest struggle as a leader in my company was feeling a constant disconnection with my team. I didn't know what else I could be doing. I mean, we all had recurring meetings and I meet with employees individually over specific topics, I thought …


Building Blocks - Issue #4

A few months ago my friends Wootak and Jeremy invited me to their show Under the Influence. A podcast they started to promote their hard seltzer brand Nectar. Their approach to Tiktok was simple - invite good story tellers, prepare question prompts that they …


Let’s negotiate with your supplier

When you go around the echo chamber of Twitter, 90% of the tweets you read are about all the different ways to scale your ads or find influencers for UGCs, yet people rarely talk about the lifeline of any business — cash flow.A more specific way to measure yo…


3 surprising reasons why your conversion rate is low

Hey guys, hope you all had a wonderful week and wrapping up your to-dos today. If you're watching the Super Bowl, let me know what team you're rooting for. I'm personally rooting for the Bengals because they're not my team and I love the underdog :PI was chat…


8 Things I learned doing eCommerce for 8 years

Hey it’s Jason, hope you’re having a good week and wrapping up the last month of January. It’s the first time I’m writing an email on my thoughts, but I hope to keep writing these memos to help you guys navigate through eCommerce and pull back the curtains on…