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5 Content Paths to Grow Your Brand Tiktok

Jason Wong
Jason Wong
Happy Tuesday peeps! In another blink of the eye it’s going to be Halloween and right afterward it’s going to be an absolute madness. Paid acquisition is expensive now, and it’s going to get even worse in the next few months. I want to share some content paths that my brand doe has used to take us to over 150,000 followers on Tiktok, and how you can do the same. 
Two and a half years ago I jumped onto Tiktok for doe because I was intrigued in how the platform help users discover content. Unlike Instagram at the time, it didn’t matter who you followed, they curated a feed for you based on what they think you like, and they did a damn well job at it. This was an opportunity for us to get in front of people who never heard of us.
The first couple of months was a disaster, because I made the huge mistake of thinking Tiktok was just another platform I can post my Instagram content on except with better discoverability. Oh boy I was so so wrong. I had my social media manager make content for Tiktok, who has never made a tiktok in her life and doens’t spend much time on it either. We were getting subpar views and wondering how everyone else were getting millions of views.
So I made a bet. I started a whole new role on the team purely for Tiktok, hiring someone that we found on our Tiktok feed and has been a creator for a while. It was a big bet for us at the time - an extra line on our payroll for a channel that didn’t produce revenue for us yet. 
It’s obvious to look back at now, but everything changed for us when we treated Tiktok with a special approach and gave it its own place. A Tiktok native creator with Tiktok native content. 
The way I look at it is that Instagram is the polished storefront, and Tiktok is the backstage pass for your customers. It’s a unique opportunity to show your customers how things came to be and let them be invested into your journey to build the business and every product.
#1 Brand Origin Story
The key advantage to a start up DTC brand versus a legacy brand that you’re competing against is that we get the stage to really tell our story. An easy way to talk about your brand positioning and how things came about is with a brand origin story. This isn’t something that you can only do once, but you can actually spin the story again and again to make new videos by adding in new details or answering comments to retell the story.
Mount Lai did an incredible job telling the story about how her family was the inspiration behind creating her Gua She tool, using the video to go over the benefits and how it has worked wonders for herself and her family.
#2 Product Introduction Video
This was our most viewed video on doe with over 10 million views. It’s a reply to a comment complimenting our magnetic lashes, and I piggy backed off the comment to give another introduction of the product even after making an intro video to it months earlier. Don’t think that you can only make one type of video for the specific product only once. There’s hundreds of millions of people on Tiktok and chances are they haven’t seen your video before, and the ones that have seen it before will just learn it again and reaffirm what they know about it.
#3 Product Try On
Pretty self explanatory, this type of video help demonstrate your product to people who hasn’t tried it before. Another opportunity to reiterate product benefits and show people why only your product can do X.
#4 Customer Interaction
Show people how you work, how you handle orders or talk to customers is a great way to humanize the brand. Hush did a great job here showing the founder calling a customer who made a massive order and personally thanking them. It shows people that your orders aren’t just another line in their Shopify and that you’re actually paying attention to everyone.
#5 Highlight Failures
It’s not always sunshines and rainbows and it’s important to highlight the bad times to show people the challenges you go through as a brand to make the products that they love. A few years ago we almost didn’t make it into Urban Outfitters and documented it into a Tiktok video, it became one of our best engaged video that gathered a ton fo support.
#6 Tackle Misconception
It’s easy to write whatever you want on the Internet to sell something, and people are becoming more and more hesitant to believe brands. We get push backs all the time, so we turned them into a content opportunity to educate people on why our products are different. This video did over 2 million views and drove a significant lift in revenue for the store right after.
Take any of these content routes and start making Tiktok videos for your brand. It’s still the most effective discovery channel for DTC brands and a great way to drive down acquisition cost with these top of funnel strategies.
See you guys next week!
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