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Personalizing Our Emails Increased Our AOV by 18%

Jason Wong
Jason Wong
Last week, we talked about how to find your target customers with the right strategy and market research. This week, we will talk about how you can utilize tools to convert these target customers to actual customers. 
Here’s what I’ve prepared for you. Tips to increase your overall email conversion rate with this personalization strategy (featuring doe lashes) 🥳
Sorry to break it to you, but personalization is not ONLY about addressing your customer by their first names. 
Even though this may be a hard pill to swallow, I will share some helpful tips and ideas for you to grow your email list and develop a stronger understanding of your customer base. 
Personalization can happen when you’re interacting with your customers with email, text messages, ads, and blogs based on your understanding of customer insights, such as their needs or pain points. In recent times, brands have been able to do this by collecting zero party data - this is data that a customer intentionally and proactively shares with a brand.
Like many other online beauty brands, we were faced with a problem — the long lead time from a customer discovering the products to purchasing the lashes. Since our customers can’t touch, feel, or see doe lashes in real-time, it could sometimes be difficult to feel confident in the lashes and make the purchase. (I mean, it makes sense, right?) 
Email marketing has been the core of our success. We used Klaviyo to help us send, engage, and nurture all of our customers. But we’re always looking for growth; we’re looking to grow our subscriber list with the main goal of sending more personalized emails with the right content. 
That’s where Octane AI shines and how they helped doe lashes collect 3 times more emails through the quiz compared to our standard pop-up
Two years ago we launched the “find your lash” quiz and to date it has been the most successful lead gen initiative at the brand. We used Octane AI’s Shop Quiz to build an embedded product recommendation quiz for our customers. Just like any other horoscope quizzes online, doe lashes’ “find your lash” quiz is to help our customers find the perfect lash with recommendations based on their answers on how often they wear false lashes, their eye shape, the ideal eye looks, and more. All of these data are synced into Klaviyo to build each subscriber’s profile, so we can segment then down the line.
Here’s how doe lashes implemented our shop quiz that drove 3x more email opt-ins and had an 11% increase in AOV. 
Building a list of buyer profiles with the quiz
Like you set up your dating profiles, you’d want to find a potential partner with certain qualities. At doe, the key part of the quiz is to understand our customers what they want for their false lashes. Each of these questions we set up is to help us gain insights into our customer’s knowledge and habit of wearing false lashes. 
Based on the answers our customers provided, we generated a result page that is tailored toward customer segments and used logic throughout the quiz to recommend the right set of lashes for the right buyer persona. Each answer to the questions is motivated by a specific interest or concern (So it is more personalized). 
Integrate buyer profiles data into marketing automated platform and sends personalized emails
By asking for emails after our customers took the quiz, we discovered opportunities where we could send more personalized emails to our customers. (Reminder: Email has been our core success for customer retention).  
For example, if a potential customer answered, “I’ve never worn lashes,” we can then set up segment emails to share educational content to those users to teach them about false lashes, how to use them, and more. If someone tells us they have monolids, we would send them content with UGCs featuring creators with monolids. By doing this, we’re able to appeal to our customers with content that is actually meaningful to them. The days of sending the same email to everyone is gone.
The result?
Doe lashes increased AOV by 11% and email opt-ins by 3X
And, there’s more… 
  • The quiz drives over 44% of new email subscribers 
  • 24% of revenue is from the quiz 
  • 4.6% of the quiz takers convert to purchase with the quiz 
Now, why should YOU use an eCommerce quiz to connect with customers like doe?
Not only is it fun for your customers to learn more about your brand and understand how they can be the right fit for your product, but you can also build a stronger buyer persona with targeted segments. 
The information and quiz results help you and your business to learn more valuable insights about your customers, such as their likes and dislikes, preferences, needs, pain points, age, and more! (It’s a win-win situation :) ) 
With these insights in hand, you can develop targeted brand messaging for your ads and content to drive feasible results. 
The overall benefits of using an eCommerce quiz
Besides just sending static and standardized emails about your product to your customers, quizzes allow them to engage with the content they actually care about and make choices based on their needs (That’s personalization). Here are the few ways a quiz can help your business: 
  1. Collect buyer profile data to personalize your marketing campaigns 
  2. Grow your marketing lists at a quicker rate 
  3. Improve your retargeting by adding a Facebook Pixel on quiz questions and answers
  4. Understand more about your customers to inform your marketing strategy 
  5. Personalize your website experiences and product offerings to individual customers’ needs
  6. Create educational content based on what you’ve learned about customers in the quiz
  7. Discover which group of consumers spend more money at your store to prospect similar groups
  8. Your customers will be more engaged with your brand when they receive personalized messages, offerings, and content
Am I missing anything else? Well, that’s all I have for today. I’m currently at the doe photoshoot for our upcoming summer collection. It’s been eye opening to this bigger world of high production photoshoots and there’s a lot I’d like to write about in future issues. As always, if you guys have questions about anything I write in the memo, feel free to reply and I’ll get back to you. 
Want to try out the quiz? Give Octane a try here!
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