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The Tiktok UGC Creative Playbook

Jason Wong
Jason Wong
The neat thing about Tiktok is that once you understand the framework of what works, it gets incredibly easy to push out new content. Buckle up, this is going to be a long one.

Hope you guys are ending the month on a good note. Today I want to go over the Tiktok creative playbook that I think will change the game for you if you’re looking to start building on Tiktok.
The number 1 thing you need to understand is that people who go on TikTok are looking to be entertained and not sold to. I like to say Tiktok is like giving your viewers a backstage pass into your business. This is where you can be authentic, have fun, and make people feel special because you don’t show this side of the brand anywhere else.
Ready? Let’s dive into it
3 Sources for Tiktok UGC
  1. Use common creator marketplaces 
  2. Leverage your customer video reviews
  3. Find creators from your feed directly
Personally I think working with content creators directly would be your best bet. 
Why? - I love finding creators from my feed because it gives me a chance to work with nano creators who are exceptional and aren’t too big where their rates may be over-inflated. The beauty of Tiktok is that you can discover talent who produces quality content because the algorithm doesn’t care as much about follower count like Instagram.
The creator market place is another good option to easily filter the right creators for you, but expect to have a good budget for this since anyone on the marketplace would have existing rates. While I do love customer UGC and think they’re the most authentic out of the three, the quality of the content isn’t as controlled so the odds of them converting isn’t as high as if you could guide the narrative.
Creative Research
Now that you have an idea of who to work with or who to reach out to, it’s time to think about the CONTENT. The MAIN part of your ad campaign, the message you want to share, the purpose of the sale. 
When thinking about creating content for your TikTok, here are some things to keep in mind to attract your audience: 
  • Inspire - get the viewer thinking and do something after watching your TikTok
  • Entertain - give the viewer a reason to watch using emotion
  • Educate - provide the viewer with new, valuable, or fun information
Ultimately, you want to think about how will your content affect the viewers. Here are some questions to help as you develop your content ideas: 
  1. What do I want my viewers to feel after watching my content?
  2. What would happen if they make a purchase of my product?
  3. How will my product give them what they need/want in life? 
  4. What is something that they are missing and how will my product complete what they are missing? (What a mouthful, but you get what I mean😉) 
All you need is your phone. You don’t need any fancy cameras for your TikToks, just your phone is more than enough. 
💡 Tip: The best setting for your camera for the best TikTok video result is 1080p HD & 60 fps with HDR turned off. 
Like any other selfies you take, lighting changes everything in your video! You want to show your viewers the best look of your product
💡 Tip: The best lighting hours are 1 hour before sunrise and 1 hour after sunrise. 
Environment aka Background
This may seem obvious, but I think many creators miss this part. You have got to find a background or backdrop or even an environment that matches the product you’re selling! 
For example, you wouldn’t see doe lashes promote our lashes outdoor. Instead, we make sure our environment and background are more aligned with our brand aesthetic - calm, cloudy, and cute.
UCG Angles Examples
You may wonder what are some result-proven TikTok videos. Here are the top 5 tip performing ones: 
  1. Unboxing - Who doesn’t like unboxing packages? It’s like Christmas all over again! It also gives your viewer a sense of what they will receive if they purchase your product. 
  2. 3 Reasons Why - Not 13 Reasons Why, but 3 reasons why your viewers need your product. In fact, you want to make sure that the reasons think about what will happen if they purchase your product. Tip: Have them think about ‘what-ifs’ 
  3. 2-Person Dialogue - ACTION! Be an actor and create a fun skit to attract the viewers. Sometimes your creativity in the skit may make the viewers remember you and associate your product with the storyline.
  4. Things I Wish I Knew Sooner - This is a great way to show a problem and suggest a solution. Sharing your personal past experiences can sometimes get into the psychology of your viewers, leading them to relate to you. 
  5. Things That TikTok Made Me Buy - “ No Gate Keeping” aka share what items you brought from watching TikToks about them. (Hint: Works almost every time, at least, for me)
Best Practices for Creating UGC on TikTok
Phew, I’ve been talking A LOT, but for the final (almost) part, let’s uncover some best practices in creating UGC on TikTok that increase your conversion rates. 
Avoid long scenes 
The best length that will most likely get you the most performance is 21 to 35 seconds. Also, the first 3 seconds are basically all you have to attract your viewers! So, remember to make that 3 second memorable. 
Take advantage of TikTok’s built-in features 
Duets, Text-to-Speech, Stitch, Comments, Replies, and more to help increase the viewership of your content. Of course, you gotta make sure you’re using the right feature for your product. 
Selective Music & Sound 
Apparently, TikTok favors trending songs and sounds in your video. Remember the songs you’ve been hearing in almost every TikTok videos? Yep, people are using it so it gets to your FYP. 
Size Matters 
I am talking about TikTok’s format size, I don’t know what you are smiling about. The size of your TikTok video has to be 9:16 (1080x1920px), so it will fit and look “normal.” On the other hand, for Facebook and Instagram ads, the ideal size is 4:5 (1080x1350px).
Even though TikTok is a sound-based platform, you have got to assume our viewer is watching your video with the sound OFF. Add appropriate words and texts in your videos to make sure it gets into your viewers’ mind. Also, visuals make people remember your product, the more you show, the higher the chance they will remember. 
💡Tip: Where to put your text? In the middle where you can see them clear and clean. 
Keep your message consistent 
If your TikTok video mentioned 50% off, then make sure your landing page says 50% off. The last thing you want is your potential customer drop off because of message inconsistencies. 
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That’s it for today! Get some good rest this week and hope you guys crush the coming new month!
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