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This Book Completely Changed How I Sell

Jason Wong
Jason Wong
I was supposed to send this out on Friday as usual but was caught up between traveling… So I made it a bit longer to make up for it. Lmk your thoughts on if you like this new format!

Earlier this month I spent a few weeks in San Diego, Las Vegas, and New York to host dinners with DTC founders. During my flights between the cities, I picked up a book called Pitch Anything by Oren Klaff that totally changed the way I’m approaching how to pitch.
I’ve been putting off reading in general with the excuse that I don’t have time, yet I somehow can magically find hours each week shitposting on Twitter. So take this as a motivation that if I can get into a habit, so can you 🙂
It’s not a super long book but I’ll give you a quick summary here because I think it’ll change your way of thinking too.
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Pitch Anything
In Klaff’s book Pitch Anything, he talks about the concept of the crocodile brain and it’s the main reason why it’s hard to sell to people. He suggests that good ideas are often rejected when we pitch them because we’re presenting logical ideas to people who are using their crocodile brain.
Ever seen ads that just toss fancy words and numbers at you thinking they’ll convince you? You probably didn’t give them a second thought. I’ll explain why with what I read.
What is a croc brain?
Oftentimes, we pitch our ideas and products and naturally want to reason with the target, using logic, facts, numbers, and arguments on why our product is the best. We do this without considering that the listener isn’t processing what we say with the part of their brain that can process high-level thoughts. They’re using their croc brain, a primitive system that is based on threat avoidance, novelty-seeking, and emotional responses. When people are presented with a new idea, they’re in defense mode. Their first thought is if this idea is harmful. You need to ease into the pitch.
Perceiving the world through the croc brain
Your croc brain is the triage center of your brain. They take in every new idea and information and decide what to give attention to and what to toss out. Its main goal is to preserve mental energy and only really use the other parts of the brain when it’s needed. You can kinda see how a lot of your good ideas and seemingly good ad copy can slip through and miss your target right?
Use this to your advantage
Understanding this helps you approach every pitch you’ll make in your life. Whether that is pitching a customer through email to buy your product or pitching an investor to give you their money, this will come in handy. You can learn to appeal to the target’s desires and avoid their fears, getting thru the triage center to get to the part of their brain that actually makes the decision. You can craft your pitch to create excitement instead of boredom, and desire instead of aversion.
What’s happening in the space?
jason wong
Quick Bites of eCom News 👇🏼

@fast slowed down to a halt, closing its doors today

@Google rolled out retail search tool for eCommerce sites

@BlackCrowAI raised $25M to predict what products people will buy

@SHEIN_official is looking to raise $1B, to be valued at $100B
How to have fun with SMS
My stance on SMS has been the same ever since I started using Postscript. It is to treat SMS as a two-way conversation platform rather than just another channel to spam promo codes.
I put together 5 really fun SMS ideas that you can start doing with your brand today (Tap the blue twitter icon to expand)
jason wong
Stop sending boring texts that just ask your customers to buy your products with a big coupon code💀

Here are 5 ideas to make your SMS channel more fun 👇🏼
Podcast: Building a multi-million dollar ramen business with Kevin Lee
I got the chance to sit down with Immi’s cofounder Kevin Lee on how he used his PM experience to run his new company. His framework to delegate tasks and scaling his team, and how to optimize productivity as a founder. Listen to it here.
That’s all for this week! I recently cracked Tiktok ads and had some luck scaling it.
I’m going to do a write-up soon on my learnings to post here. If you were forwarded this email, it would mean a lot to have you join the growing list of founders subscribed to my memos. Join here
See y'all Friday!
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